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Employee Awards

Employees of the Quarter

Employee of the 4th Quarter – 2022

Spencer Trapp - Physical Therapist

Spencer is caring and attentive to his patients. He always seems to be in a cheerful mood which helps bring others moods up. If Spencer has a bad day, he does not display this to others. He is incredibly helpful to his co-workers and is a joy to be around. Spencer volunteers his free time to help the hospital in the off campus events.

Employee of the 3rD Quarter – 2022

Paige Doupnik - Medical Laboratory Technician 

Paige is always eager to learn new things, accepting of change, able to voice her thoughts and ideas, and teach/coach when needed. She is always pleasant to work with, kind and shows up ready to work. The lab department calls it ‘channeling our inner Paige’ when things get frustrating or overwhelming – meaning she always stays calm and collected.

Employee of the 2ND Quarter – 2022

Chris Hershberger, Transcriptionist 

Chris is an incredibly caring, kind and hard working individual. She's dedicated to her job and is truly an outstanding employee. Chris has taken the initiative to go above and beyond in the scope of her job and does amazing work every day. 

Employee of the 1st Quarter – 2022

Sheri Burkholder, Materials Management Tech

Sheri is a very hard working employee and is always willing to lend a helping hand. She's worked at Brodstone Healthcare for 22 years and has been a great mentor to many in the Materials Management department.